Tuesday, 22 May 2012

don't be sad

don't be sad...i'm sure that all of you must heard that word..yesterday some of my friend told me that they not satisfied with their result even they pass all the subject..for me even my pointer down i'm feel so happy because i'm pass all the subject,my mom say the course that i'm taking which is accountancy it so difficult and heavy so my parents understands why my pointer was down and i'm not regretting because it my fault too,i'm not focus on the the class,and study last minute,always lazy and not do a revision,so i must accept it, next semester insyaAllah i'm try to change it and want to be a good student,*i think it just a dream*hahaha..okey,for my dear friends...even our pointer down we must syukur because we pass all of the subject,it's okey next semester we try it again,we study together like last semester,we make a discussion group but i think we should do it early on this semester...hihihi,that is my opinion,everyone have their opinion too...when we meet we dicsuss about it okey ? InsyaAllah we can do it better in our last semester..we must believe and trust that Allah always with us. please remember Allah always,solat and recite Al-Quran at least one day one page,and always pray to Allah insyaAllah, Allah will help us..

so,what ever is happened don't be sad and think positive that Allah want to test our patience,our iman and so on..*but when i have a problem i love to crying like a baby* hihihi

i'm not good in my english but i'm love it, i'm not good in writing and speaking but i must try it for my muet..so i know i used the broken english so for my english teacher i'm sorry...okey it's done for today ! bubye !

p/s : please don't laugh to me, i not good in writing okey !

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